Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Make a PU Leather Coin Purse

How to make a coin purse:-


  1. Draw your design on a cardboard.
  2. Cut out  necessary part.
  3. Trace cut out part onto Pu leather skin.
  4. Cut the PU leather skin accordingly & punch the sewing holes.
  5. Insert the snap buttons.
  6. Start sewing both side.
  7. Finish

  • 在紙卡上畫出您的設計
  • 把所需的紙格割出
  • 把紙格複製到人造皮革上
  • 切割所需料子以及刺出線孔
  • 加入啪鈕
  • 開始縫合
  • 完成

You also can add on some accessories or key-chain to make it BETTER.

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