Thursday, August 18, 2016

Handicraft wire tree - Wishing Tree

Wire Wishing Tree (許願樹)


This is a unique Wire Sculptor working in Steel, to create Sculptures of Trees. This wishing tree are full of my blessing. Each piece of the leaves are wrote my greetings. I hope my love are happily ever after.


有人問我“為什麼是27支鐵線”?我沒有告訴他,因為實在難以啟齒……其實我們把27支鐵線分成13 + 14支鐵線,代表1314(一生一世)。我希望我要祝福的人,幸福快樂一生一世。就算我們之間的感情不能開花結果。我只想告訴他,不管最終是什麼結果,他需要什麼,我永遠都會在他的身邊。

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